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Welcome Home - A Land For All Seasons

We are truly blessed.

We live in a home that we created and re-created here on the red soil of Prince Edward Island.  In its physical structure, the Lyle House, was lovingly restored and reclaimed as the heritage that stood on this Island for a century.  We were honoured to provide it the help needed to assure its future as a living testament to the architectural past of the farming community of this region.

We relish in exploration of our Acadian heritage and act as stewards at Excavations carried out a stones throw from our home.  The past comes alive and as we learn and share, it brings such satisfaction to uncover our ancestry beneath our feet.


We also live in a home that is alive with the joy of another past - an ancient one at best.  One which harkens back to another rural landscape - that of China - with all its tales of magical dragons and lion dogs abounding.  OnceAgain Chinese SharPei is a renewal of our dedication to this unique and splendid breed.  We strive to emulate the high standards of the past with an eye towards the physical and mental health which will ensure its survival for future generations.

 Lastly, we live in a home where 'art' is a living part of our environment.  We are constantly amazed at the splendour outside our windows and that encourages us to create one-of-a-kind objects that bring life, joy and a bemused smile to our faces daily.   In our passion for retaining history, we also lovingly restore long abandoned architectural treasures found neglected or overlooked by a faster pace of life. Some of our treasures are available for you to add to your home and others will remain with us or find their way into archives where they will be shared by others.

We have been mentored and guided and inspired by many over the years... Doll W., Susan and John P., Louis de N., John & Diane B., Helen K.,  to name a few.


The top links will take you to our sites which detail our passions in life.  Enjoy.

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5498 Route 12,
Birch Hill,
Prince Edward Island  C0B 2C0
Phone:  902 432 0915

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